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What on earth is Facebook’s “Relevance Score”?


Ok, ok! What’s this measure of a Relevance Score?

Guess what the first question we are always asked is? “How much do Facebook ads cost?” You probably can also guess the answer too. Well, it depends… It’s a tricky thing to pinpoint exactly as Facebook’s advertising platform (like others such as Adwords) uses and auction system to work out the cost of eyeballs looking at the ad. Confused already? dont worry, it simply means that the cost for clicks conversions and impressions vary depending on who else is out there targeting the same people.

Now this is where ad costs become even trickier. Facebook assigns a score to each ad and rewards super relevant ads with more exposure (impressions) at lower costs. Now this sounds great huh?

It also makes sense why this happens, Facebook WANTS you to be sending relevant messages to the right people because its what THEY want to see right? So when you provide relevant adverts it becomes a win-win deal.

How can you create ads to achieve awesome Relevance Scores then? Let’s look at 3 ways to get started.

1) Design your messaging to appeal to a specific Target Audience.

With over 2.3 million active users in New Zealand, chances are pretty slim that what you have to say is going to appeal to everyone. Narrow down on geographical areas and define a few simple things like age, gender and interests of your target group. Ad copy then needs to speak to these people in a language they understand.

And just like that your ad is now more relevant and you can start to see more clicks at reduced costs!


2) Keep your ads Fresh.

How many times have you simply scrolled past something quickly because you knew within a split second you had seen it before? You like the majority of users have seen this content too many times now and your interest in it has plummeted  making the ad no longer relevant to you. See where we are going here?

Facebook knows that people don’t like seeing the same thing all the time so the auction system will drop your relevance score if you don’t change it up from time to time.

3) Use analytics tools to continually monitor relevance scores.

You need to know immediately if your campaign is on track or if you need to make a few fine adjustments to keeps costs in check.

Relevance scores are displayed right in the middle of your dashboard and range from 1-10. We recommend aiming for 7+ and definitely making changes or removing anything lower than 5.

The score shows how your ads should perform according to the algorithms and again is determined by many things such as results to date, performance of similar ads from other advertisers and the structure of your messaging

The Relevance Score is only first determined after 500 people see your ad, after that as new data is crunched FB will update the number and it’s your job to watch it like grass growing and take action when needed.

Where should I start and what do I change to improve my Facebook relevance score?

We get it, it’s natural to want to pay the lease amount for the most action, so would you like a little secret? Testing. Try a few variations and observe the relevance score. This way you can understand what works for your audience and whats best is you can do this yourself manually. Or give Focus a go and our automated tools take care of this around the clock even while you sleep.

Don’t fret! mixing up your ads doesnt mean spending loads of money developing new ad creative every few weeks, A few quick tweaks to the main ad elements and copy can be enough to catch those valuable sets of eyeballs. The most effective testing you can do is by changing only one thing at a time allowing you to trace the exact item that improves or ruins your results!

The good news.

You and Facebook want the same thing! Positive responses to the content they see.

When it comes to ads, those positive responses can mean big sales for your business.

So keep the relevance score on your radar: work to create great ads, target audiences effectively, and run ongoing tests. With the right steps, Facebook’s system can help you get killer ROI and grow your brand in an easy, affordable way.

Andrew GoodWhat on earth is Facebook’s “Relevance Score”?