What on earth is Facebook’s “Relevance Score”?

What on earth is Facebook’s “Relevance Score”?


Ok, ok! What’s this measure of a Relevance Score?

Guess what the first question we are always asked is? “How much do Facebook ads cost?” You probably can also guess the answer too. Well, it depends… It’s a tricky thing to pinpoint exactly as Facebook’s advertising platform (like others such as Adwords) uses and auction system to work out the cost of eyeballs looking at the ad. Confused already? dont worry, it simply means that the cost for clicks conversions and impressions vary depending on who else is out there targeting the same people.

Now this is where ad costs become even […] Read more

6 ways to get the best out of Facebook Videos

We all should know by now that Video is the best way to get your message across on Facebook, it has by far the highest reach and engagement with your audience. So let’s explore 6 quick things you need to check off before posting your next video.

1. Audience

Specifically, who is your audience? Dont think it’s just whoever happens to stumble across your content or your existing follower on social media. If you are wanting to have a great, engaging piece of content then you must know exactly who you are talking to and speak to them in language that they […] Read more