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6 ways to get the best out of Facebook Videos

We all should know by now that Video is the best way to get your message across on Facebook, it has by far the highest reach and engagement with your audience. So let’s explore 6 quick things you need to check off before posting your next video.

1. Audience

Specifically, who is your audience? Dont think it’s just whoever happens to stumble across your content or your existing follower on social media. If you are wanting to have a great, engaging piece of content then you must know exactly who you are talking to and speak to them in language that they understand. If your audience is tech-savvy then it’s great to use industry jargon and slang that they would appreciate however an ecommerce store with shoppers of all ages then skip the techy terms and keep things simple.

Pitch your message at a level that is not too high and avoid slang that wont be understood (please don’t confuse your audience!). Communicate to your audience the pain point they experience and talk about their unique needs BEFORE you start blurting out why your product or service will help them. Think about the emotional response rather than the tactile one, what do you want them to feel after watching your video? Review and check that this emotion is apparent!


2. Too Much Text

It sometimes feels like we want to had our customers a novel about what we do and we are super excited to tell them everything about who we are, what we do, todays weather forecast and what we had for dinner last night. Are you ready to almost watch your audience continue scrolling past you? Let’s make a promise to keep things clear and only talk about one point per video. For text within your video ensure people have enough time to read it, we can’t have them getting lost or confused because they didnt get the time to fully read something! Too much text will cause someone to become overwhelmed and give up on you.

Keep it simple (refer to point 1). They will willing watch all your videos nut not 1 that talks about everything!

3. Music

Building on the emotive response of viewers your soundtrack needs to be top-notch and inspirational. Hours can be wasted picking the right composition so just think back to your intended response to the video and review this to ensure the music realises this and doesn’t harm it. Looking for great Free Soundtracks? Checkout YouTube’s Audio Library

4. No CTA

What action do you want someone to take after watching your video? Without a powerful Call to Action there’s no reason to create a video to start with. Would you like them to call you? Visit your website? Buy something specific? Tell them! Quick and simple. At the end of your video make sure you remind viewers of your CTA to take them through to your next planned destination.

5. No Logo

You want people to remember you, right? Great videos can be hard work so dont let this simple tip slip, add your logo in there so everyone knows YOU are behind it. You are selling your brand just as much as the product or service being offered plus it gives a much more professional look.

6. Weak social caption

Now this is a biggie! We see so many great videos out there with weak or non-existent captions to go with them. Post descriptions can go a long way to make or break all the hard work you have put in. Try using a playful tone keeping it fun but still insightful to what the video is about. Keep point 2 in mind here also! #Hashtags and emojis are in their element here.

Andrew Good6 ways to get the best out of Facebook Videos